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Welcome to SBC Alarms website.  Are you in need of a burglar alarm in Leyland and  the surrounding area?

Then call on SBC Alarms.  As highly experienced engineers, we are on hand to provide you with a first class service, that covers all aspects of security systems and alarms, no matter what your situation or requirement may be.

Often we see and hear about the house or garage in the next street that was broken into or a car damaged in front of a house. 

However, we ignore these warnings as “it won’t happen to me”.

Unfortunately, life is not like that, and the harsh reality is that you and your family are at risk and you should be taking preventative actions to minimise the danger to them.

We prefer to install an alarm system before an event not after an event.

We offer a wide range of services.

Wired or wire free systems




Fault finding

24 hr call out 

PAT Testing

(This is a remote keyfob for wireless systems)


The average burglary in the UK takes 5.6 minutes to perpetrate, hardly surprising when you think about it; the burglar wants to be in and out as fast as they can. In the UK there are three main types of alarm systems; bells only, police response and Key holder monitored. The Bells only system is the most popular but the least effective; all that happens is should the alarm be triggered is a bell or siren goes off. Recent changes to legislation now prevents bells only alarms from sounding for more than 15 minutes and the local council can levy heavy fines for noise pollution should they sound for longer.

Home alarm systems offer increased peace of mind and a feeling of security in our own home, something we all have the right to. At SBC Alarms, our wide selection of home security products and services are designed to protect your home and family at affordable prices.

From home intruder alarms to entry systems and CCTV we have an extensive range of products. Check out our full range of alarms and security services and contact us today to see how home security in the Leyland area can be achieved in a cost effective way.

It’s important to feel safe in your home and equally important to feel your property is protected while you’re away.  SBC Alarms provide an exceptional level of protection from intruders. You can expect no shortcuts from our courteous, considerate and efficient staff. We are known throughout the area as reliable, friendly and trustworthy.


CCTV plays a vital role in the security industry and is one of the most effective deterrents to crime. We will install systems which allow remote monitoring of your home or business using broadband technology. We install a huge range of equipment from one camera system to multiple systems if you need something that is for home or work.

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